revolving system


The KTV revolving door range is designed for installation in entrance areas where interior environmental control coupled with elegant aesthetics are desired. Available as Manual, Automatic, Positional or Servomatic, the KTV range offers flexibility in design and function.

With the new ultra slim KTV flex direct drive, the magnetic technology ensures smooth operation with exceptional accuracy while also protecting the mechanical components of the doorset as noise and wear are minimised.

* Three or Four wing revolving door
* Manual, Automatic, Positional and Servomatic operation options
* Floor mounted or ceiling mounted drive units for powered doors
* Glazed or Solid canopy
* Robust framing or fine frame option
* Optional night shields for additional protection

Product details

Efficient noise reduction and building energy balance optimization

KTV revolving doors effectively reduce noise, dust and dirt as well as greatly contributing to a reduction in building climate control when compared with conventional automatic doors. Specify the new KT Flex drive with its magnetic technology to ensure smooth operation and exceptional accuracy to minimise noise further.

Operation Options

KTV-A: Automatic revolving door activated by movement sensors and protected by presence sensors. Floor mounted or ceiling mounted drive unit

KTV-M: Manual revolving door activated and rotated by the user pushing a handle

KTV-S: Servomatic revolving door. A manually activated door with assistance on demand to make the door light and easy for the user to rotate. Floor mounted or ceiling mounted drive unit

KTV-P: Positional manual revolving door with floor mounted or ceiling mounted drive unit. The door is activated manually however returns to the optimal "X" position to maximise the environmental control effectiveness of the door

Flexible design

DORMA KTV doors are exceptionally versatile. Any inside diameter of door can be supplied from 2000 – 3400 mm. Clear passage heights up to 3800mm (diameter dependant)


Flexible design options to meet project specific requirements
Greatly improved building environmental control
With the KT Flex direct drive the technology makes it possible to combine the elegance of a slim floor construction, having an installation height of only 100mm with a drive concealed in the ceiling.
Installation ‘project co-ordinated’ by the dormakaba Projects Team
Installed and commissioned by dormakaba’s highly skilled engineer team to meet the requirements of BS EN 16005 “Power operated pedestrian doorsets. Safety in use. Requirements and test methods”